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Bridging the Gap

Between Design Thinking and Design Doing




The Lab utilizes uniquely developed methodologies that encourage collaboration, creative thinking, in-depth problem solving and more. We incorporate design, digital fabrication, rapid prototyping skills and know-how of the product development process.

We believe in ‘nothing about us, without us’ - the user should be at the center of the problem solving process,  allowing for empathy and giving a fresh perspective to solving a challenge.



Milestone Studio Labs is a social impact innovation consulting firm specializing in cross-sector collaborations that result in tangible impact and social change.  

We believe that real social change and impact can come only when those who live with a challenge directly work hand in hand with those trying to solve it. The Lab’s expertise is facilitating these connections - creating real, impactful innovation.




Our team serve as thought partners, advisors, consultants, facilitators and curators.

We work with corporations, academic institutions, the public sector, hospitals, non-profit organizations, and foundations on how to best incorporate community engagement and social impact into their curriculum, CSR, employee engagement, outreach and more.


Our work spans a range of areas with our main focus being on the disabilities sector - assistive technologies, accessibility, and employment for people living with disabilities. Our expertise also extend to addressing additional neglected challenges in the developing world and in underserved communities in developed countries.





We work with leading partners in academia, corporations, non-profit organizations, and foundations; we help them

re-examine the concept of social impact and the role they can play in in making it happen. In the last 18 months we have worked with diverse partners including; Cornell Tech, Blythedale Children’s Hospital, the Pratt Institute, Makerbot, Autodesk, the Ruderman Family Foundation, Northeastern University, the NYC Mayor’s office, 92nd St Y, NYU, Ultimaker and more.




Our dedicated, multinational  team comes from a variety of backgrounds and is dedicated to harnessing technology to solve challenges.





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