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Educational frameworks provide a unique opportunity for longer-term learning, collaboration, relationship building, and project development. By integrating making skills and needs-based design thinking into existing structures, we can enrich educational experiences, teach new skills, and develop cross-sector relationships.


MSL works in both formal and informal educational settings; working with all ages from elementary school through advanced graduate degrees.

 - Academic course facilitation and creation - develop and lead multidisciplinary courses that connect students and ‘need 

    knowers’ to work together to create solutions for their challenges.

 - Connecting to the challenge - exposing students to individuals living with different problems and facilitate problem-

    solving sessions around social issues

 - CRIT advisories - mentorship and critique of advanced degree students and projects in innovation, design, and physical

    therapy programs.

 - Teaching design skills - introducing design tools and rapid manufacturing techniques to people living with disabilities and

    empowering them with new capabilities for their future.

A 5 week unit taught as part of the Industrial Design Tech course in the Pratt Institute’s Masters degree in Industrial Design.

The unit connects students with the Blythedale Children's Hospital's OT (occupational therapy) staff and members of the community who live with disabilities in order to create  assistive technology devices that solve their challenges and improve their lives.


Once divided into teams, the students had to tackled a challenge as a group and create a 3D mockup of the assistive device they designed, based on the feedback they got from the professional staff/user with disability


We introduced design tools and different design thinking methodologies as part of the course and had students working directly the users of the intended product, opening up a new level of empathy and understanding between designer and user.

Pratt Institute- Industrial Design Tech Course

A 4 week workshop facilitated for students from

Cornell Tech and  the Cornell Weill Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC). Students partnered with residents from the Carter Burden Roosevelt Island Senior Center to understand some of the challenges faced by senior citizens and older adults, and how technological solutions can make their lives a little easier.

Together, seniors and students designed and 3D printed solutions to simple life problems seniors face every day.

Cornell Tech - 3D printed Life Hack Workshop