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Events & Workshops

Milestone Studio Labs facilitates social innovation events that range from intimate, in-house workshops to large-scale makeathons with hundreds of participants. Events can be standalone, or as a highlight, kick off, or summation of a longer process; they allow for an individual or team to take time out of their routine and use their skills creatively to solve real social challenges. The MSL team works with academic institutions, large corporations (CSR activities), NGOs, and public organizations.


 - Intentional Makeathons/Hackathons  - social innovation events with on-site fabrication abilities that allow multi-

    disciplinary teams to problem solve and prototype solutions - backed by “The day after” impact program - product

    development and market distribution.

 - Socially responsible hiring - Hackathons/Makeathons for social good as a recruitment strategy - enabling companies to

    vet potential candidates uniquely while also giving back.

 - Problem-solving workshops - facilitation of workshops and seminars that utilize design thinking and service design

    methodologies to shift perspectives, enable team bonding, and create actual solutions for real people and their     


A sprint-like event where interdisciplinary teams came together to create solutions to benefit health.

The Health Innovation Hackathon is a collaboration with Dean Augustine M.K. Choi, MD, the Clinical & Translational Science Center, and the Weill Cornell Tech-in-Medicine student group, with the goal to leverage new and emerging technology (e.g. 3D printing, robotics, health tech, software and hardware) to solve biomedical research questions that can benefit human health.

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CTSC 2nd annual Health Innovation Hackathon

Two day makeathon, bringing students and people from different disciplines to collaborate and find solutions to different challenges of people with disability

A collaboration between Northeastern university, The Ruderman family foundation and TOM, a community of makers, using technology to address real life needs of People with disabilities.

Ruderman Inclusion Summit

Three day event at New Lab in Brooklyn.

Makers, innovators, designers, caregivers, got together in order to collaborate and find solutions for 15 challenges submitted by people who are living with a disability. Using digital fabrication technologies and a maker space to build mockups and test the solutions.

A collaboration between Cornell university and TOM, a community of makers, using technology to address real life needs of People with disabilities.

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TOM:NYC Makeathon