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Milestone Studio Labs provides a wide array of consulting services and works with corporations, organizations, and institutions across the world.

We provide an out-of-the-box thinking approach to problem-solving with a focus on social innovation and inclusion.


MSL believes that an innovative social agenda which mirrors the goals and culture of a company enriches the employee experience, benefits the bottom line and helps drive innovation.

Our team, with its wide range of expertise, works directly with clients to create tailored programs that meet their specific needs.



-  Lead brainstorming and planning processes around how best to define and execute a social agenda in an innovative and

    impactful way

-  Helping to create more accessible and inclusive workplaces - physical environments, teams, culture.

-  Foster cross-sector partnerships with social organizations around shared goals and problem solving

-  Workshop facilitation teach design methods and techniques to help teams hone their decision making and connect social

    innovation to their business needs